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Another story about millennials – but this one looks at their upside

So much space in the blogosphere has been devoted to millennials, and much of it expresses older generations’ frustration with – or at least confusion with – this growing portion of today’s workforce. The phenomenon of the older generation not meshing with those coming up behind them is nothing new, but the focus on millennials seems more pointed because of social media’s obsession with the topic. Continue reading

Is it finally “Next Year?”

Though The Ritterbusch Group has its offices in Southeastern Wisconsin, two of its employees—myself and Marc Whitney—and our president Chad Ritterbusch, are diehard Chicago Cubs fans. And, with the calendar turning over to October and the Cubs positioned as true post-season contenders, Cubs Fever is running high in the TRG offices.

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It’s gotta be the shoes

I snapped the photo above at a gas station near the Wisconsin Dells a couple of days ago. The Dells are on the way to Minneapolis from Milwaukee, about two hours into that five-hour car ride. It was when I noticed I had put on two different shoes…which I was about to wear to a new business pitch with two colleagues. Continue reading

The Benefits of Broccoli

“Life’s Short: Eat Dessert First” is one of those chestnuts of pop philosophy that recognizes we all like to get to the good stuff first. But we also know a diet of cake and ice cream isn’t healthy or sustainable. These truisms apply to marketing as well. While it’s more fun to come up with tactics like jingles and logo colors, the more important work—the work that gives tactics heft—is in the planning.

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Why Research?

If you watch “Mad Men,” you’ve seen the show’s lead, Don Draper, make eloquent speeches about how creativity trumps sterile facts when it comes to pitching a product or concocting a message. It’s something you sense in your gut; you know when you’ve hit the right note because it just feels right.

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