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Using electronic tools to connect with your next team member

A common refrain heard at successful companies today is, “It’s so tough to find good people!” But is it?

If you picked up a Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune 25 years ago, you would see 54 pages (yes, 54 pages) of Want Ads. Looking for a job? Or have a position that needs to be filled? The local newspaper was the place to be! Continue reading

Writing with style

The students who take my Media Writing course at Marquette University begin each semester by taking an A.P. Stylebook quiz. This open-book exercise is oftentimes their first introduction to A.P. Style, and usually leads to a discussion of, “Does A.P. Style still matter?” Of course, my response is, “Darn right!” (or words to that affect) Continue reading

USO Wisconsin and The Ritterbusch Group

USO Wisconsin, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of US Armed Forces personnel and their families who reside or pass through Wisconsin. By expanding their programs and building new centers, USO Wisconsin had more than 56,000 program participants in 2015 through programs at Christmas, deployments and unit events. Continue reading

An Image is Worth a Thousand Impressions

OK, that headline may not have the poetic ring of “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but maybe it’s time to update for the 21st century.

Anecdotally, think about how you interact on social media. Are you more likely to click on a post that includes a photo, graphic or other image? When you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other media platform, do you immediately become more engaged when there is – literally – more to see?

Continue reading

Living in the Now

Take a breath…before summer’s gone

When I worked as a Press Officer with the U.S. Olympic Committee nearly 20 years ago, I used to make a “pact” with my fellow officers. It was simple: for the two weeks or so that we were working the event (Olympic Games, Pan American Games, etc.), we vowed – as much as possible – to focus on and simply appreciate and enjoy the event we were working, trying our best to eliminate the outside world. Continue reading

The Ritterbusch Group adds Digital Marketing Intern

In today’s marketplace, the demand for immediate contribution is high. Companies are always wise to take their time in making the right hire. No one wants to waste resources training a staff person that may not work out because they don’t have the right aptitude for the position, or because they simply don’t fit the culture of the organization they are joining. Both elements deserve equal weight in consideration.

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