Monthly Archives: September 2014

Will actively using social media drive your company’s SEO?

The short answer is “yes … but.” I know – there’s always a “but”.

Using social media as a means to drive your website’s search results through Google, Yahoo and other common search engines is still in its relative infancy. And by that, I mean that it’s not yet one of the core ranking factors – like say writing great content or link-building with credible sources. However, this could be changing. Continue reading

Three considerations on selecting a host hotel for your next conference or special event

A positive or negative hotel experience will, for better or worse, impact how your event attendees view your company or organization. When planning an off-site meeting at a hotel there are many details to consider, starting with the site selection. It’s important to start the process by narrowing down your options and picking 2-4 hotel sites to inspect. Then consider  three critical factors: Continue reading

Nine steps for creating good design

TRG Design Process

It would be difficult to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without following the proper steps. Just ask my kindergartner. Likewise, developing a design project from start to finish goes much more smoothly when a series of methodical steps are followed. Veering from this proven process can make for a sticky situation – and potentially leave you with a funny taste in your mouth. Continue reading