Monthly Archives: December 2015

Just How Mindful Are You at Work?

So, how do you begin the work day?

Perhaps you dive in to check emails first thing. Or you might scroll through your Twitter feed.

A few months ago I attended a seminar, “Cultivating Mindful Focus in the Workplace,” and among the facts we learned? The primary distractions for workers on the job these days are email and social media. Continue reading

An Image is Worth a Thousand Impressions

OK, that headline may not have the poetic ring of “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but maybe it’s time to update for the 21st century.

Anecdotally, think about how you interact on social media. Are you more likely to click on a post that includes a photo, graphic or other image? When you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other media platform, do you immediately become more engaged when there is – literally – more to see?

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