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Using electronic tools to connect with your next team member

A common refrain heard at successful companies today is, “It’s so tough to find good people!” But is it?

If you picked up a Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune 25 years ago, you would see 54 pages (yes, 54 pages) of Want Ads. Looking for a job? Or have a position that needs to be filled? The local newspaper was the place to be! Continue reading

Pop-Up Ads: Denied!

Have you ever been annoyed by an advertisement on the computer? I know that I have. And that is why, over the past few years, ad blockers have become more and more common. For example, I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice and on my personal computer I have a Google’s AdBlock extension activated to help prevent some of these annoying ads. Continue reading

Beware Mobilegeddon (kind of)

Mobilegeddon is here! When Google announced they were making a large change to their algorithms that would make mobile-friendly websites perform better on search results, for some, it seemed as if the world had ended. Continue reading

Will actively using social media drive your company’s SEO?

The short answer is “yes … but.” I know – there’s always a “but”.

Using social media as a means to drive your website’s search results through Google, Yahoo and other common search engines is still in its relative infancy. And by that, I mean that it’s not yet one of the core ranking factors – like say writing great content or link-building with credible sources. However, this could be changing. Continue reading