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What hunting has taught me about marketing

I am a hunter. I hunt white-tailed deer each fall and winter during both archery and gun season. All this time out in the woods has made me realize that hunting shares some common elements with marketing. Some of these similarities include: Continue reading

For 2017, consider partnering with a marketing firm: Part 2

In our earlier blog on partnering with an outside marketing we covered reasons to consider such a plan. Below are some of the benefits of working with an outside partner.

Reduce costs

Managing marketing efforts in-house can distract from your client services and can cost you billable hours. At less than the cost of a full-time marketing executive, you can get an entire team of experts. Continue reading

For 2017, consider partnering with a marketing firm: Part 1

Many business owners grapple with the issue of whether to develop and execute a marketing strategy/plan with existing staff, hire a new employee or to partner with a marketing firm.

Although each option has pros and cons, increasingly companies are turning to partnering their marketing efforts with companies who have the expertise to deliver both top-line and bottom-line results. Continue reading

May the 4th Be With You!

Today is Star Wars day and to celebrate this occasion a few of the Star Wars guys got together to discuss marketing at the TRG office. All kidding aside, there is much to learn from the Star Wars franchise when it comes to marketing.

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Ice buckets, viral videos and making an impact

By now either you or someone you know has completed the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” – a charity video phenomenon sweeping the nation raising awareness (and millions of dollars) for research in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge is just the latest example of something capturing the attention of the public and going viral.

So how does this relate to marketing? Continue reading

Business owners agree: successful marketing yields measurable results

The Ritterbusch Group recently conducted a bit of research. We were interested in hearing from today’s business owners about which marketing aspects they found to be the most vexing for them as company leaders.

The response was clear: Measuring Results

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