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Headlines that make you go…Hmmm

A favorite regular feature on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in the early 1990s was the funny headlines that people would send in from newspapers across the country.

Here are a few of the memorable ones:

Most doctors agree that breathing regularly is good for you”

“Senior luncheon will no longer include lunch”

“MSI owner denies lying, admits not telling the truth”

“Turkey, manure pass through Senate” Continue reading

Three simple suggestions for better media relations

Developing and maintaining a connection with members of the media is a lot like any relationship. Establishing a good rapport helps build a solid partnership. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so it’s important to adapt as needed while you wait for feedback on a news release or story pitch. Continue reading

The value of awards programs & winning isn’t everything

I recently attended the 2014 edition of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Eureka Awards luncheon held at the Pfister hotel. The event celebrated the ingenuity of local companies – including one of our beloved clients, OS inc. The stories were compelling, the awards looked beautiful and the food was fantastic.

This event got me thinking about the value of awards programs to an awareness campaign. There are many benefits to winning these types of business achievement awards: Continue reading